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Call Answering

infiniOffice offers the unique virtual operator service, whereby all your incoming calls are automatically screened through a virtual operator. You may choose to:

  • Setup a virtual receptionist, who will forward your calls to your specified numbers
  • Upload your desired welcome message to be played whenever someone calls your business number
  • Setup a virtual operator who receives and stores voice messages from your customers

In addition, infiniOffice provides your business with its own unique Central London phone number. All your business calls will be received on this number and you may then choose to:

  • Forward these calls to a number of your choice locally
  • Forward these calls to an international number of your choice
  • Set virtual operators to take your messages and forward them to you
  • Record voice mails and review them at your leisure
  • You may also use the infiniCall VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones to make international calls at a nominal charge


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