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Mail Service

The mail services options allow you the flexibility to have your mail forwarded to any address in the world, while only paying minimal extra cost for stamps. The service options are available for a minimum time period of 3 months and may be upgraded or changed at any time.

All your postal will be received in Central London at a prestigious Harley Street business address. You may choose any of the following mail options:

  • Have your mail held for collection, whereby you yourself pick it from the business address
  • Have your mail forwarded internationally, through first class mail
  • Have your mail forwarded internationally, though Royal mail

This service is available only through subscription to our infiniOffice, contact and office management system.

In order to register for our mailing service please Click Here

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What is the cost of mail forwarding?

The cost associated with the mail forwarding service depends upon the following factors:

  • Forwarding destination
  • Weight of the mail
  • Desired postal / courier service

Please note that no extra charges apply on the delivery of your postal mails except the postage stamp charges.

How do I pay for the mail forwarding service?

The charges associated with the Mail Forwarding service are deducted from your Wallet. Wallet enables pre-payments where funds can be added in advance. Initially your wallet is topped up with £ 5.

What does the Wallet feature do?

The wallet feature is a combination of a built-in system alarm and pre-paid office services. Certain infiniOffice options require extra payment by the customer (for example, for international Mail forwarding, the cost of stamps is paid by the customer). infiniOffice provides the unique Wallet feature. This replaces the monthly billing system as the expenses associated with the services are directly deducted from your Wallet. It comes with an alarm system which reminds you whenever the funds in the Wallet are running low.

I am an existing customer; How do I make sure my subscription continues and does not expire?

Wallet reminders will be sent when wallet is below £3 and another mail will be sent when wallet hits £0. Please note that if your wallet deposit approaches zero (0), then your infiniOffice services will revert to the ‘auto- mode'. This means that all the incoming fax, mails and phone calls will be stored but will no longer be forwarded.


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