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Business Education
Video Conferencing

Centre Biz offers Video Conferencing facility to enable your business to network worldwide, using cutting-edge technology (ultra modern equipments incorporating dual screen) and multimedia connectivity.

Video Conferencing will:-

  • Save your business Time and Cost
  • Give you increased Convenience
  • Maintain your Competitive Edge

The Centre Biz Video Conferencing facility permits presentation of video, PC and Mac images to any other video conferencing facility internationally. Centre Biz also offers smaller mobile units to perform desk-to-desk conferencing calls. Supported by our trained technical support team, the Video Conferencing facility enables businesses to link with charts, tables, illustrations and colleagues worldwide, as well as schedule meetings with clients internationally.

The spacious video conferencing rooms can accommodate up to 12 people easily. All the facilities are supported by a well-trained technical support team, and available for hire at the rate of £150 + VAT per hour.

To Book, kindly call our 24 hours Booking Line on: 44 0207 255 2557
If there are any questions you can also email at: video@londoncenter.com


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