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Virtual Global Office

London Centre offers InfiniOffice, a complete contact and office management system, accessible anytime, anywhere. Few of the InfiniOffice features are:

  • A simple-to-use, self explanatory, web based user interface
  • Central Global-based, business address, phone and fax number(s)
  • Complete Project Management
  • Project-wise user collaboration
  • Automatic assignation of emails to pre-designated project folders
  • Address Book options
  • Storage of Phone / Fax Sound files
  • Email Account(s) in your company name
  • Fax receiving, storage and forwarding
  • Postal Mail receiving and forwarding services
  • Ability to maintain complete records of all audio, fax and email files of a project
  • Ability to maintain complete records of a project
  • Virtual Work Space functionalities
  • EIM as well as easy drag-and-drop features for all Project Folders

To Book, kindly fill the online reservation form or send an email to info@londoncenter.com

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